STRATCO® Alkylation for Rookies is the spring training your operations staff needs in order to be ready to swing for the fences. Geared toward operators and engineers alike, DuPont will teach your staff to keep their eye on the ball through understanding basic principles and key operating fundamentals for the alkylation process. Join our experts as they present this four-part series, which will include topics like alkylation basics, reaction zone fundamentals and unit monitoring best practices. This course earns eight (8) Professional Development Hours.



1PM-3PM CT    FEB 4, 11, 18, 25

Registration Fee: $700 (Entire Series)







Week 1: Feb 4, 2021 - 1-3pm CT

Alkylation Basics

  • What is alkylation?

  • Why do refineries need alkylate?

  • What are the different feedstocks?

  • How does the chemistry work?

Week 2:  Feb 11, 2021 – 1-3pm CT

Reaction Zone Overview

  • Reaction Zone Process Flow

  • Key Operating Parameters

  • Mechanical Basics

Week 3:  Feb 18, 2021 – 1-3pm CT

Overall Unit Process Flow

  • How does effluent refrigeration work?

  • Why do we need effluent treating?

  • What does fractionation do for the process?

Week 4:  Feb 25, 2021 – 1-3pm CT

Operating Essentials

  • What do new engineers and operators need to monitor in the alkylation unit?

  • How can you minimize acid consumption?

  • How do I get more from my alkylation unit?